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Offbeat Magazine: Frazier’s Connection Delivers Impeccably Spiced Fried Chicken In Marrero

Well, it’s been a while. The world kind of turned upside down, what with the *everything* that’s been happening and the unprecedented times certainly were as unprecedented, as promised. I know you don’t need the details; you’re a person in the world and you know what’s going on.

No one has money and businesses are struggling. New Orleans is reluctantly bounding into Phase 2, ready or not, and bars and restaurants are opening with limited capacity. While many of us are still in “quarantine mode”, others are leaving their dwellings and slowly bringing the economy, and the world, back to life.

So, here we are experiencing this strange new world full of “what ifs” and just trying to figure out where we all go from here.

Like all of you, I’ve been laying low the last few months and I’ve certainly missed sitting down and eating in a real-life restaurant. My feeble attempts at home-cooking were enough to sustain me, but there comes a point where you just have to see other people and taste something that’s cooked by someone who actually knows what they’re doing.

On one of my first restaurant adventures, I decided that I needed good fried chicken. Like, good homemade fried chicken. Anyone who knows me knows of my love of fried chicken and Frazier’s Connection in Marrero is rumored to have some of the best.

In an effort to keep people safe, restaurant workers now wear masks when interacting with the public and patrons are encouraged to wear a mask until they are at least seated at a table. Walking into Frazier’s, everyone working was masked up and the restaurant was clean and full of a few cheerful locals who, like me, were happy to be out of the house and seeing other people.

I knew I was going to be making a mini-celebration of my visit here, so I got a little generous with my ordering. I got ¼ chicken (breast and wing) with macaroni and cheese and, what the heck, let’s throw in an order of red beans and rice for good measure. I’d be remiss if I didn’t try two of the dishes that Frazier’s is known for.

All chicken is fried to order, so there’s a bit of a wait, but I was in no rush. Out came two large pieces of chicken, mac and cheese and my full serving of red beans and rice. Right about now you might be thinking, “She can’t eat all that.” Look, please don’t challenge me. I’m hungry.

The chicken was crispy and delicious- fried to perfection with steam wafting out as soon as I tore into it. The meat was juicy and the flavor was perfect! I got the “spicy” version and I found it to be impeccable and not over-spiced in any way. The seasoning enhanced the natural flavor and taste of the chicken- which is always what you want. I never enjoy something when I taste more spice than actual food.

The mac and cheese was made with “long” noodles- almost Rocky & Carlos style. The noodles were coated in delicious cheese and each bite had that ooey gooey cheese pull that you really want in homemade mac and cheese. As someone who can only make box mac and cheese, I will never not be in awe of people who can make it so rich and creamy.

The red beans and rice was unparalleled. WOW! Perfectly spiced, just like the chicken, with pieces of pork and sausage in it. The portion was more than generous for $6 and, if I was here any other day, this would have been more than enough for lunch.

The best part of a place like Frazier’s is the people. This is a black-owned, neighborhood place. I’m not sure if many people from “the city” drive to Marrero to experience the food here, but when I was here people were saddled up the bar enjoying a beer and lunch. Families were gathered laughing and smiling. People were greeting each other and exchanging thoughts about the events of the last 3 months.

Even if you have never been here, you’ll be treated like family. The food is as good as the conversation. You almost feel as if you’re in the family kitchen, gathered around the table for a story and a laugh. Small restaurants like this need us now more than ever; they are the heartbeat of our city and they’re cooking up food that’s good for the soul.

Next time you’re in the mood for some good food, think local. All these people want to do is provide a good meal for the people in the neighborhood. They want to feed your soul- I’m happy to oblige.

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